Wasted She - Punk Rock

Wasted She - Mr President [Official VideoClip]

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations, you did it!

And this is our prize for you...

With love,

Wasted She.



Wasted She - Mr. President

As a child he want to be,

Mr. President to free,

Every land and every sea.

Mr. President he's now,

And all the country went down,

With people praying on the ground.

All the tears on the floor,

Making the poor begging for more.

Hollow shameless state of mind,

Feeding lies to the blind,

Right here in front of our sight.

Mr. President lay down

Mr. President who's the clown?

Mr. President on the ground

Mr. President shoot him down

Without no colors your flag it's grey,

With all these ashes we've grown away,

Without no hope into doomsday.

Lay down in the mud,

Be the carpet of my blood,

Face your lies and all your fails,

When I crawl with dirt in my nails.


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